The KSCF National Convention Report – 2022

Receive warm greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The 2022 KSCF National Convention was not only a pure act of faith but quite critical for three reasons:

First, it came at a time when the nation was just recovering from the devastating effects of COVID 19 pandemic.
Secondly as an organization we were still finding the best ways to align the ministry for greater impact.
Thirdly the convention was held after a two year period when the social gathering was not allowed. This means there were students who had never heard of KSCF and its activities.
We concluded that the best approach would be to devolve the convention to the counties. We are thankful to the Lord who makes all things work for good for those who love him and called for his purpose. This worked as we were able to create 30 camps spread across 42 counties across the country.  A total of 11,052 delegates were reached comprising of 9,287 students, 730 teachers and associates and 1028 form four leavers (KESSATS) from 1,806 high schools.