To effectively run KSCF programs and activities in schools, KSCF heavily depends on donations and financial support from partners. You can support KSCF by:

 1 Giving financial support.

 Our yearly budget is about Kshs. 30 million (USD 0.3 Million). To meet our yearly budget, KSCF  depends solely on sacrificial donations from believers who are the burden for student’s ministry.

  1. Prayer. You can support by praying for KSCF.
  2. Missions. Visiting schools weekly or termly through KSCF local teams.
  3. Membership. You can become a member of KSCF as an associate attached to a KSCF team.
  4. Adopt your former school by sponsoring the schools with bible study guides and peer to peer manuals.
  5. Give in Kind; your professional services through the various technical subcommittee or through leadership and associates training days.
  6. Sponsorship; by sponsoring the National Conventions and regional/County Camps.


  • The young people are the future of the nation
  • This is an opportunity to see students transformed for GOD
  • KSCF has been instrumental in changing students’ lives for over 50 years with the divine mandate to spread the gospel to students. By partnering with KSCF you will be partnering with God to reach the world.

Make A Commitment to KSCF

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