Associate membership shall only be open to individuals, whose mission and objectives in life are in agreement with that of Fellowship of Christian Union. Any person who aspires to become as Associate member of KSCF shall be required to fill in an appropriate membership application form through his/her Associates Branch or the KSCF Secretariat and pay a one off subscription fee of one Thousand Shillings (Kshs. 1000) for persons who are not fresh graduates and Two Hundred Shillings (Kshs. 200) for fresh graduates (have been out of Campus/College for one year)

Associate Members Responsibilities
Participate in KSCF S activities either at the Associates Branch, the National level or both. Renew their membership annually or as determined by the NGC. Are expected to support KSCF work financially.
Membership Rights and Obligations
Associate members shall be entitled to: Participate in all the activities of KSCF. Shall be eligible to hold office. Shall be entitled to vote at KSCF General Meetings. To inspect books of accounts of KSCF. All Associate members shall be required to fulfill membership commitments and obligations as set out from time to time by the NGC and ratified by the AGM.